Copper Chef Charity Cook-Off – November 12, 2006

Chefs Christopher and Jordan vs. Chefs Matt and Lise

imagesCAFDAFILThe Secret Ingredients chosen were: Appy – Goat Cheese Entrée – Pork Dessert – Chocolate. 21 Guests Attended – Members of the Cowichan Dragon Divas and their dates. This was a big, noisy group and we had a special Commentator – Bruce.

The Best Copper Chef so far!

Chef Christopher’s & Jordan’s Menu for the November 12th Competition

Appy Warm goat’s cheese brulee served with a baby greens salad and sherry vinaigrette 

Entrée Cherry herb crusted rack of pork with a yam adobo sauce served with roasted root vegetables and a parmesan polenta.


  Trio of Chocolate

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake

  2. Hot chocolate shooter

  3. Chocolate sorbet

Chef Matt’s and Lise’s Menu for the November 12th Competition

Appy:    Ginger crusted goat cheese salad with warm apple/bacon vinaigrette and shaved fennel with lemon zest

Entrée:  Cinnamon coated pork tenderloin with coffee and cinnamon and nutmeg rub with roasted maple and spiced butter; yams with asparagus with ginger and shallots with oyster mushroom demiglace.

Dessert:   Flourless chocolate cake with bourbon whip and pomegranite granite.

Copper Chef Charity Cook-Off – October 1, 2006

It’s 4 pm at Shawnigan Shores B&B Retreat and the Copper Chef Charity Cook-Off guests begin to arrive. Elly explains that she’s meeting our Chefs at Thrifty’s in Mill Bay. Our duty now is to vote on the key ingredients.

We chose – Lemon for the Appetizer, Beef for the Entrée and Raspberries for Dessert.

Elly explained the rules, costs and invited anyone that wanted to watch the “shop” to go with her to the grocery store. About half the troop went there – while the others enjoyed the view and chatting with the other judges.

About an hour later, a noisy crew arrived back from the store and the cooking began!!

Chef Christopher and Chef Matt both wowed their audience with beautiful and original – appetizers, entrées and desserts. The competition had been fierce and had gone a little longer than normal. (We agree this was due to the absence our strict timekeeper – Elizabeth- she was truly missed.)

Elly took a long time to tally the scores, she had to triple check the numbers. For the first time in Copper Chef history – there was a tie! 869 points for each Chef. It is really unusual, especially considering that were a lot of judges.

Another successful and surprising Copper Chef!       Laila Pera

Chef Christopher’s Menu for the October 1rst Competition

imagesCAUJ7THIFIRST COURSE Pacific Coast Ceviche – Wild Coho salmon and halibut cured in a lemon-lime marinade served with a shaved lemon fennel salad

SECOND COURSE Trio of Beef – Braised chuck beef stew, ginger flank steak skewer served with raita, and classic steak tartare

Raspberry.jpgTHIRD COURSE Raspberry Citrus Custard – A citrus custard served
with an oatmeal crust and topped with fresh raspberries


Chef Matt’s Menu for the October 1rst Competition

  FIRST COURSE Carmalized Lemon vin with mixed organic greens and with strawberry tomatoes.

  SECOND COURSE Dry rubbed top sirloin steak with maple roasted butternut squash with cinnamon and espresso
demi glace.

THIRD COURSE Maple and honey soaked ladyfingers with cream cheese icing with raspberry coulis and fresh raspberries.

Copper Chef Charity Cook-Off – August 27, 2006


Aug20.jpgThe Copper Chef event opened with a tour of the facilities on the grounds of Shawnigan Shores. The day was perfect with the sun shining down on all of us.

First job: Pick the ingredients. Elly read from her list and items were voted on. The food items with the most votes won!

Now for the chefs to create delicious order out of chaos.

To kick things off, the chefs and their assistants and a few onlookers piled into their vehicles and made their way down to Thrifty’s.

The starting gun went off (chef’s given a 20 minute time limit) – and it was off to the races.

Both chefs hurriedly made their way down the aisles of the store hastily grabbing this and searching for that. At the five minute mark Elly’s voice could be heard through the loudspeaker: “Chefs! Your time is almost up, FIVE MORE MINUTES”.

They made it and off we set for Shawnigan Shores.

The Chefs were introduced as Brad and Fatima and the cooking began immediately.

First was an absolutely gorgeous appetizer – an “extra” – which the guests consumed with looks on their faces that are rarely seen outside of bedrooms.

The appetizers – one from each chef were then presented.

At this time a few of the ladies present worried that they might have difficulty finishing everything. Our gentlemanly guest, Shane, offered to be our own personal bottomless pit. We availed himself but somehow, most of us managed to make it to the end.

Two portions of three courses later, we were all stuffed with food, glowing with wine and absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the food and the company we had just experienced at this wonderful Copper Chef extravaganza.

Votes were counted and the lovely and talented Fatima took home the coveted win as her nemesis Brad congratulated her enthusiastically.

In reality everyone won after an evening spent surrounded by fabulous food, fascinating people and a perfect environment. All proceeds from this event were sent to charities chosen by the chefs involved.  Thank you everyone for such a wonderful evening.

Jean Collins